Attention Students: The Zombie Mud Run is hiring college students to represent them on Campus. This is an un-paid internship that will provide you with extremely beneficial leadership and business skills. You will be given the opportunity to apply what you learn in the classroom to real-life business situations.


Working with the Humans: Registration, Hydration Stations, Sanitation Station, Survival Gear Check, Race Check Points, Finish Line.

  • Manager
    Oversee a team of 5-7 students, helping them with their duties, weekly contact with higher management
  • Events Rep
    Plan and execute events that promote The Zombie Mud Run on campus
  • Social Media Rep
    Use social media to promote the Zombie Mud Run on campus. A facebook page will be created specifically for your school
  • PR Rep
    Create a positive reputation for The Zombie Mud Run on campus by working with other organizations and through the media
  • Marketing Rep
    Create a marketing plan that promotes The Zombie Mud Run on campus
  • Blogger
    Blog once a week about upcoming runs and events; on and off campus
  • Activities Rep
    Reach out to organizations on campus about teaming up and promoting The Zombie Mud Run