If you would like to be part of the fun but don’t want to be a Human, Zombie, Innocent Bystander, or pay to come to the Human Salvation Party, you can register as a Good Samaritan (Volunteer). If you choose to be a Good Samaritan, your mission is to help the humans save the Human Race. You may be needed prior, during or after the race. You may request a duty. We will attempt to honor but cannot guarantee duty requests. There is no fee and you do not get compensated. You will receive free parking, admission to the Human Salvation Party, the Green Zone and some cool stuff. You will also receive a document of community service where your hours go towards our race charity. Please note you cannot be a Good Samaritan unless you fill out the application below prior to the positions being filled or up to one day prior to the event.


Working with the Humans: Registration, Hydration Stations, Sanitation Station, Survival Gear Check, Race Check Points, Finish Line.

Working with Zombies: Zombie Make-up, Wardrobe, Zombie control.

Each shift is four hours. Good Samaritans receive

  • Free parking
  • Free admission to the Human Salvation Party
  • Free awesome ZMR tech tee-shirt
  • Volunteer/community service certificate verifying your good deed
  • New human friends
  • Warm and fuzzy feeling knowing you helped save the Human Race